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Dear Mr. Lane(Gaumats),

While there were a number of issues with the material and initial installation, I must say that my wife and I are completely satisfied with the final result. It isn’t often that I get the chance to compliment someone for taking responsibility and standing behind their word. But that is situation here.

You and your employees have earned my respect for the way that you have resolved this situation. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at this, I had the occasion they conducted themselves in a very professional and diplomatic manner. Even after the third trip, they were men that I would welcome to my home anytime.

You should be happy to have them represent your company, and they should be thankful to work for someone who supports them in difficult situations.

I am less satisfied with the response of Stanley Wood Products. THere were some conversations with my wife, but I never talked to them after I wrote the check. Even when I asked my wife to have someone from their present when you and I met, I did not hear from them again.

Regardless, I do thank you for your commitment to “make this job right” and give me what I thought that I was buying.

Yours truly,

James C King

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Gaumats International, LLC Grain Valley, MO

Kansas City, Kansas 1 comment

Our island bar top was installed incorrectly from this company, they came and removed it December 20, 2011 they promised to have it reinstalled properly and safely by the 22nd.This am talked to Apul the owner he tells me they are not going to fix it, its not there problem????

Really, Apul you told us your work was 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Well I am here to tell everyone I am not happy with your work, your word is no good, your service is no good, and the improper work that was done in our home could have caused very serious injury to our children. We will be filing a complaint with the bbb and with our attorney as well.

I recommend everyone look someplace else for granite.We spent a lot of money with this company only to be ripped off, and left without a useable safe bar top two days before Christmas....

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We had the very same problems with Gaumauts.They promised us satisfaction and then gave us a counter top that looked like a pin wheel.

As soon as they tried to deliver the counter top they went to the court house to file a lien.

We had to get an attorney to handle the illegal lien and our complaint.

Do NOT use this company.

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